Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Journey Writing Competition

Rocks shimmer in the sunlight, darkened by dry seaweed. Cold sea sloshes against them. My heart suddenly misses a beat as our van swerves around a tight corner, missing the edge by half a metre.
“Sorry about the road,” Dad says as the van recovers from the near miss. Mum and I say nothing, we’re too tired and carsick to do much.

Minutes later the van swerves around another corner, this time missing the edge by centimeters.
“Dad, Slow down!”
I shout with an obvious tone of anxiety. Jack, my baby brother stirs in his carseat, then, little blue eyes blink open.

“Good morning mischief,” mum says.
I sigh deeply as the road widens out and becomes straight.
“Dad, can you stop please, I need some fresh air,” I groan at the effort of talking.
“There’s a picnic clearing just at the end of this strait.” mum replies
“we’ll stop there.”

Creaking madly as I haul it open the sliding door reveals an almost unreal view. Silently I hop out of the van onto the fresh grass.
“I’m just gonna go toilet,” I call to mum.
Dancing along through the undergrowth I eventually find a big enough bush to go toilet behind.

As I finish up I hear a very strange sound: whispering. For the second time today I feel scared, this is not like me. The whispering has suddenly become louder, it sounds like whoever they are, they’re having an argument. I suddenly have the urge to run, run away from these scary voices. But no, whoever they are will hear me desperately crashing through the bushes and … That's silly, i’ll just run.

I am half a step away from the clearing where mum and dad can just see me ”Tai hoa!” A deep booming voice. I pause, dead still. Isn't that maori for stop?

My Teabag Mistake

Warm sweet liquid poured into my mouth, entrancing my taste buds. The bag of red and brown coloured leaves seemed super-glued to the side of my cup. Leaning my mug towards me my lips came in contact with steamy, lukewarm cup. It was polished tidily I had noticed. Suddenly the teabag dropped, swinging smoothly on it’s sturdy twine. Then, it slapped me neatly in the face, leaving dripping licorice tea. As I drew my cup away from my face Mum laughed as she caught a glimpse of my sodden features.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Little Red Hut

The red two windowed door opened out to a room the size of two double beds. A bow and quiver lent against the corner of the rough plywood walls. Outside, mould smothers redwood weather boards. Trap ‘T7’ perches on a wooden block under the raised deck. A sack leans against a rotten log with an arrow penetrating into its soft insides.

Yasmina H

Paddock Writing

The paddock was usual enough; it had grass, a fence, sheep, a lone tree and even an old, rustic toilet that no one ever used. My god sisters and I did what wild-hearted children do - galloped furiously over the long grass, dodged half-wild dogs, nestled in warm grass huts, climbed the tree, jumped fences, shot homemade arrows into rough targets, doing nothing important.

 Yasmina J Harrhy

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Australian Aboriginals

In class over the past couple of weeks we have been learning about injustice. We each had a subject to learn about, mine was Aboriginal injustice. I think the information that I found is out sad and unfair, it makes me feel like I need to do something about it. Above you can hopefully see the poster that I made to showcase my learning about Aboriginals.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

5/5/17 Writing

Finally we sank into our vehicle seats with a tired sigh after a long walk back from our campsite at rainbow ski field. The sun, hot and powerful, beamed down on us as we ate our lunch hungrily. ‘Swim?’ asked mum. Before long we were at the edge of the nearly frozen over tarn.

The water felt like a whole lot of ice cubes, nipping at our bare skin. When Mum and I finally got the urge to jump in, it was already  time to get out. Wrapping our warm towels around our freezing bodies, we jumped into our car and drive home content with the day's excitement.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Child Poverty in Africa

Did you know approximately one in three people living in sub-Saharan Africa are undernourished? It is estimated that 239 million people (around 30 percent of the population) in sub-Saharan Africa were hungry in 2010.

Every year, 7.6 million children die before they even reach age 5.

Photo Credit: stigmann Flickr via Compfight cc

Monday, April 3, 2017

Zoom Out

This activity needs your help. 

You are invited to build on to the story by adding a comment. This means you need to zoom out of the image below with your where is the gecko? What else might be in the picture if you zoomed out a bit? What might happen next?

Be sure to read others' comments first, and continue the story, by zooming out even further. We could build an amazing story. Give it a go!

So, here is the start of the story...
I poked my head out of the lush green leaves of the kowhai tree, my camouflage covers me like a shield, luckily it does because I would be dead if it didn't.

Photo Credit: mkean65 Flickr via Compfight cc

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

maths 20.2.17

In class today we learnt about geometry and shapes,
 this is what i found out.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

learning about metaphors

We have been learning about metaphors in class and we made a slide show on understanding them: understanding metaphors

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

In class lately

In class lately we have been making slides to educate people about sugar in muesli bars, here is a link to my slide that is called muesli bars. We have also been making reports on anything we like, here is mine: birds we did a self assessment and here is mine:

Success Criteria for Report Writing
Paragraph 1
Yes / No
Paragraph 2
Yes / No
Paragraph 3
Yes / No
Does the paragraph start with a topic sentence? (TOPIC and MAIN POINT)
Are the sentences in that paragraph related to the MAIN POINT?
Does the paragraph have 3 or more sentences?
Are there plenty of FACTS in each paragraph?
Sort of
Sort of
Sort of

My Report is about birds

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This is a photo of my lunch box:

tomatoes, nuts and cranberries, feijoa, carrot, milk and pancake.

This is my ideal lunch box (I made it).

Thursday, April 14, 2016


We have been doing some writing on ANZAC,here is my work:

BANG, CRASH! The war has started, as I sit in the trench I think of my father and then I suddenly remember his favourite saying, before his last words he reminded me of it and said think of it as a souvenir to take you through the war.

This is it:
No matter how far you go, no matter how much you think, no matter how many times you forget me, I will still care for you.

By Yazzie

Thursday, April 7, 2016

This is my mask that I made.
                       The man that saved my live

Evie stomped through the forest on her way to school, and suddenly came across a path way that she had never seen before, she looked at her watch 8:42 she still had time. After awhile of following the path Evie came across a ring, she looked behind it... she saw another one, and another one!
In number knowledge this week I worked on decimals, Whaea Jane taught me that if you had the question how many 1/10 are in 4.6 ? all you have to do is turn 4.6 into 46 (take the point away) and 46 is your answer!!!
Also if the question was how many 1/100 are in 5.20? the answer: 520, same thing is happening!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

news paper article

This is my news paper article:
On Thursday night a teenaged boy was discovered in the soon to be opened Igloo stadium. Rob Gale was just shutting down the stadium when he heard a boy's voice shouting “HELP!” He rushed over to where he thought he heard the voice...the midnight run in the climbing wall area “what are you doing up there?”said  Rob.
The boy said “it doesn’t matter just help me down please!” So Rob talked him down the hardest climb in the stadium with no rope, he was very impressed.

Quote from Rob: “I am a good climber, but this guy is a natural!”

Japanese animals

Hi its Yazzie, we made a slide in class about Japanese animals click here to go to the link.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


                                                                                     Hey guys this is my swimming assessment.     :)